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My passionS

One of the first things I became enthusiastic about was a series of issues related to the British culture, in essence what pushed me to study English Philology: pop music, the melodic language and pronunciation, the deep green landscapes, the climate, that constant humidity and the drizzle which seems never-ending. This fondness of mine might be due to the fact that my temperament is often too melancholic and romantic. By using the term “romantic” I am not referring to romance novels —although I do not have anything against such a popular and entertaining genre which I have occasionally enjoyed myself— but to romanticism, the movement started in Germany and the United Kingdom in the 18th century, a tendency to exalt feelings and creativity, as well as the spirituality awakened by an honest admiration for nature. Instead of being regarded as simple scenery, the natural environment acquires a profound symbolic role. I express these emotions in the poetic prose texts I publish daily in my Instagram gallery, @lovelace.letras. 

Sometimes I have been told that I am endowed with an innate ability to write. I am not sure about that. Nonetheless, I do have a strong sensibility towards natural beauty, a kind of energy that makes me discover art where the people around me only see a dry leave, a wild flower or a rain puddle. All my senses are stimulated and my sight goes far beyond: I observe a wonderful pastel colour, or maybe strikingly intense, I listen to the twigs’ gentle dance provoked by the breeze, I feel the birds address me with their morning trill… Some people might judge me as eccentric. Never mind. I know there are individuals out there who understand me and even share my perception.


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