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I had always enjoyed writing but I never had the time for it because I was employed in other professions. However, our path in life may be altered by a drastic change, a dramatic piece of news or simply a bad blow. In my case, after having noticed a certain unprecedented weakness for some time, at the age of forty-five years old I was diagnosed with systemic lupus and fibromyalgia. Nothing excessively grievous, nothing I will die of, but it turned my life upside down. Constant pain, eternal tiredness, migraines, insomnia… as a result, I had to quit my job and abandon the working world. At that time I had been teaching English in a local academy for nearly ten years, something I was delighted with. I also learnt a lot, especially from teenagers, even some guidelines to deal with my own kids. Unfortunately, there came a moment in which pupils asked me «Why do you always have headaches?», «Why do our loud voices annoy you so much?» or «Why are you constantly tired?». With this I just want to explain the state in which I started the classes. Needless to say how exhausted I was on finishing them.


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