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Ángela Landete Arnal
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El viaje de Haidi

La niña más bonita de Alella

A look at the fine line there is between a comfortable life and a tragedy.


An apology to friendship.


A criticism of a vile crime committed for centuries.


Ángela Landete Arnal was born in Barcelona in 1971 and got a degree in English Philology at the UB. She has lived most of her life at Barcelona city, except for two long periods when she stayed in London and Oxford during 1993 and 1994, respectively. Happily married and mother of three children, at present she resides in El Masnou, a cosy town on the Catalan coast.

​She has worked as a personal assistant for two international pharmaceutical companies —Boehringer Mannheim and Almirall—, as a teacher of English in Hibernia, a local academy, and as a translator of scientific texts. A few years ago she was forced to abandon the working world due to the consequences of fibromyalgia and systemic lupus, an immune illness which subjects her to long resting periods, time that now she devotes to a passion she had always had in her: writing.

​As a new writer, El Viaje de Haidi represents her first work. It is a romantic drama with a moral touch describing the psychological evolution of Haidi Grams, a girl suffering from a serious pulmonary illness. The protagonist goes through the long way between self-compassion and the acceptance of her circumstances, the same mental journey that the writer has achieved and with which she has managed to get out of a state of major depression in order to embrace her reality, being grateful for the little things she has within her reach. The final destiny of such a journey is the rewarding prize of satisfaction, conformity and, hence, happiness.

​The author admits that she wouldn’t have been able to make that change without the practice of meditation and Qi-gong, a Chinese millenary discipline that teaches how to cultivate and develop the inner energy we all have and which flourishes with just a little effort.

​Her pen-name Lovelace makes reference to Ada Byron, daughter of the famous Romantic poet and countess of Lovelace. She declares herself a loyal admirer of renowned writers such as Jane Austen and Emily Brontë, as well as of the green landscape and humid climate that surrounded them. This enthusiasm of hers can be easily appreciated in her first novel, El Viaje de Haidi. 


My novels cover different topocs: how to live with an illness, how to overcome sexual aggressions, how to deal with a partner so unexpectedly opposite, how to manage the heartbreaking pregnancy mourning... The link among them all is the psychological analysis I infer from the main characters, why they do what they do or, simply, why they don't do what they are supposed to do. The human mind is terribly intrincate. Absolutely unfathomable. People's reactions are opposed, misunderstood and deserving of  a study. This is the reason why I like writing. I love analysing the reactions of my characters.

El viaje de Haidi

La niña más bonita

de Alella


Rimas y romances

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Advertising clip of EL VIAJE DE HAIDI

Why I would recommend EL VIAJE DE HAIDI

Short extract from EL VIAJE DE HAIDI

(Video done with the wonderful collaboration of my sons)

EL VIAJE DE HAIDI from the American continent

EL VIAJE DE HAIDI  in the street...

Videoclip courtesy of Inma Rega Bou

Booktrailer of La niña más bonita de Alella



El viaje de Haidi

A moving love story between two characters from very different worlds. A good book that combines a nice argument with a message. The plot is perfectly set in the 80's. When you start reading it, it wraps you up to keep reading and you don't want it to end.



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